All Standards
Effective: Aug 1st 2023 | Status: Approved


Standard Statement

The dental hygienist respects the patient’s right to privacy, maintains confidentiality of information, and acts in compliance with privacy legislation. 

Performance Expectations

The dental hygienist must…

  1. Comply with all applicable privacy legislation.  
  2. Maintain the security of all forms of patient information (e.g., paper, electronic) at all times (e.g., during data collection, use, storage, transfer, disposal). 
  3. Safeguard the confidentiality of any information obtained during practice, including while teaching, supervising, conducting research, providing clinical therapy, or other professional duties. 
  4. Only collect and record health information that is relevant to the care being provided. 
  5. Limit their access and use of patient health information to only what is essential for the provision of dental hygiene services
  6. Obtain and document the patient’s consent prior to disclosing their health information, unless there is a legislative exemption allowing for disclosure of information without patient consent. 
  7. Disclose only the amount of health information that is essential to enable the recipient of the information to carry out the intended purpose. 
  8. Refrain from discussions, including in personal, public, or electronic conversations, that could reasonably be seen as revealing confidential or identifying information. 

Patient Expectations

The patient can expect that the dental hygienist will hold information acquired in their professional relationship confidential and only share it when appropriate for the patient's care or with the patient's consent. 

Actions to Be Taken



DENTAL HYGIENE SERVICES: Any service that falls within the practice of the profession of dental hygienists as outlined in the Health Professions Act (Schedule 5, section 3). 

HEALTH INFORMATION: Defined in the Health Information Act as one or both of the following:  

  1. Diagnostic, treatment and care information  
  2. Registration information  

LEGISLATION: Federal or provincial acts, regulations, or codes.