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Courtesy Registration

For applicants seeking temporary registration with the ACDH.

Courtesy Registration

Courtesy Registration

The Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation allows individuals to hold a temporary registration in Alberta for specific, limited reasons. You are eligible to apply for registration on the Courtesy Register if you are: 

a) Currently registered in good standing and hold current certification, licensure, or registration to practice in another jurisdiction; and 

b) Coming to Alberta for any of the following reasons: 

  • To present in a dental hygiene clinical training or continuing education/refresher course that includes performance of clinical procedures 
  • To participate in a dental hygiene clinical training or continuing education/refresher course that includes performance of clinical procedures 
  • To conduct or engage in a dental hygiene research program that includes performance of clinical procedures; or  
  • To provide dental hygiene clinical services free of charge to a charitable, benevolent, or service organization. 

If you hold a Courtesy Registration in Alberta but your registration with your original jurisdiction is suspended or cancelled for any reason, your Courtesy Registration in Alberta will also be cancelled. 

Courtesy Registrations are only valid for 60 days and cannot be renewed. If you are planning to provide the dental hygiene services listed above for longer than 60 days, you must apply for registration on the General Register. Similarly, if you are planning to provide dental hygiene services outside of the above for purposes, you must apply for registration on the General Register.  

The requirements for courtesy registration are outlined on this page. Please read the information about these requirements carefully. 

As part of the required online application form, applicants must enter or upload the following: 

  • Applicant personal information, including contact and demographic information. 
  • The reason for the Courtesy Registration. 
  • Dental hygiene education program information. 
  • Information about any current or previous professional healthcare registrations such as a dental assistant, nurse, paramedic, or dentist, etc.
    • Applicants must have a Verification of Registration/Certification/Licensure Form completed by each regulatory body and sent to the College. College staff will then upload the document(s) to the application.
    • Courtesy applicants MUST be currently registered in good standing to practice dental hygiene. A Verification of Registration is required for a current dental hygiene registration.
  • Answers to questions about primary language and language in which applicants intend to practice.
    • Applicants must only provide language proficiency test results if their dental hygiene education and exams were NOT done in English.
    • If required, applicants must upload language proficiency test results into the form.
  • Information about which, if any, advanced restricted activities applicants may be eligible to apply for authorization for.
  • Additional post-secondary education information.
  • Completion information from the “Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct” e-learning course if the College does not already have it on file.
    • If required, applicant must upload a completion certificate into the form.
  • Information about current CPR certification that meets the requirements listed in section 2 of the Registration and Practice Permit Renewal Policy.
  • Information about Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) that meets the requirements listed in section 3 of the Registration and Practice Permit Renewal Policy.
    • Applicants must upload PLI certificate(s) into the form.
  • Request to take the jurisprudence exam modules if the applicant has not done the exam in the last 3 years.
    • Applicants will be given access to and must complete the modules.
    • The College will receive and upload the completion certificate. The learning management system will automatically send a completion certificate to the College, applicants do not need to send a copy to the College.
  • Answers to Good Character and Fitness to Practice declarations and the statutory declaration.
  • Applicants must obtain and submit a vulnerable sector check to the College that meets the requirements listed in section 4 in the Registration and Practice Permit Renewal Policy.
    • College staff will then upload the document to the application.
  • Applicants must upload 2 pieces of government-issued identification.
  • Applicants must type their full name as their signature. 

Please note: All uploaded documents and information provided must be verifiable by the College. The College may contact third parties such as educational institutions, regulatory bodies, agencies, or employers to verify documentation or the information provided in an application for registration. 

 Reference: Health Professions Act (HPA) – Sections 28, 29.1, 33(4)(b) 

Reference: Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation – Section 6 

Courtesy Registration Application Information

Initial Registration Checklist

Click here to Create an Applicant Profile to start the application process.


Applicants will have to submit the $350 application fee. 

When an application for registration is approved, the applicant must pay the $350 Courtesy Permit Fee before the College can enter their name on the Courtesy Register and issue a unique Registration Number and Practice Permit.

All fees are non-refundable once paid. Permit Fees are not pro-rated.

The breakdown of fees is as follows:

Application Type

Application Fee

Permit Fee


Registration on the Courtesy Register




More information about Council-approved fees can be found on the Fee Schedule page on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were previously registered with the ACDH (or ADHA or CRDHA) and would like to apply for a Courtesy Registration, you will need to apply for Reinstatement to the Courtesy Register.

Please go to the Reinstatement page and scroll down to the "Reinstatement tp the Courtesy Register" section for more information.

If you currently have a Courtesy Registration and would like to be on the General Register, please either cancel your Courtesy Registration (Cancel My Registration link) and apply for reinstatement (link to Reinstatement page), or let your Courtesy Registration expire and then apply for reinstatement. 

Please go to the Applying for ARAs page and read the policy there. You can apply for an advanced restricted activity through the Applicant Portal.