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Council serves as the governing body of the College and fulfills specific roles and responsibilities as set out in the Health Professions Act. 

Council's focus is to set organizational goals and directions for the College, which are implemented at the direction of the Registrar. Council governs on behalf of its owners and makes decisions in their best interest. Council owners are all Albertans.

Council is comprised of 5 registered dental hygienists and 5 public members appointed by government. 

Councillors have no individual authority. Collectively, they are responsible for understanding the values, perspectives, wants and needs of the Alberta public and developing written policies within which the College and Council operates. 



photo of Lindsay

Lindsay Ord, RDH

Samantha Heron, BDSc (DH), MSc, RDH

photo of Teanne

Teanne MacCallum, RDH

Kathy Sauze, RDH

John Jossa

John is currently on the Council of ACDH as a public member. He has experience as a public member at another health college, ACMDTT (The Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technologists) and the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.  John’s work experience includes being employed as a Financial Officer with the federal government in British Columbia and Ottawa, and most recently with the Calgary Police Service as the Internal Auditor.  

John has a business degree from Queen’s University in Ontario, and a number of auditing/accounting certificates, in addition to recent training in effective board governance.

John is married with a grown son and a recently acquired collie dog.  His outside interests include dog walking, swimming, and kayaking.  He enjoys attending live performances, whether it be jazz or opera, or country music.  

Carol Gibbons Kroeker

photo of Louise

Louise Mosier

Louise lives in rural Alberta and has worked in the healthcare field for 37 years as a Registered Cardiology Technologist, Certified Laboratory Assistant and Supervisor of Specimen Procedure and Dispatch.

She has represented Laboratory Assistants on the Alberta College of Medical Laboratory Technologists Council for 5 years.  Louise was a public member on the Alberta College of Optometrists Council for 6.5 years and presently in her second, three year term on Council for the Alberta College of Dental Hygienists. 

Erhard Poggemiller

Erhard was born and raised in Saskatchewan in a small town. He has been married to his lovely wife for 48 years. He received education at the University of Saskatchewan and also at the Saskatchewan Institute of Technology (SIAST) completing his Industrial Education Certificate.  He taught Industrial Arts at a high school in Saskatchewan for a few years and then went on to start his own business in machine manufacturing for agriculture and also did custom manufacturing for the oilfield. 

Erhard was privileged to serve the community being Mayor for 12 years. He served on multiple boards such as Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, Regional Health Boards, College and Technical School Boards. He was awarded the Commemorative Medal for the Saskatchewan Centennial as well as receiving both the diamond and platinum Queen Elizabeth 2nd medals for community service.

He furthered his education by upgrading taking courses in Labour Relations, Employment Management, Union Relations, and Municipal Development Programs.

Erhard did volunteer work for town economic development, church board, Gideons, Chamber of Commerce. 

Judy Hansen