All Standards
Effective: Nov 1st 2006 | Status: Approved


  1. Authorization to Administer Local Anaesthesia

The restricted activity of administering local anaesthetic by injection shall only be performed by a Regulated member in good standing on the General Register who:

1.1.     Holds a ACDH Local Anaesthesia Certificate; and

1.2.     Holds current cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification at the level required by Council for initial registration and renewal of a Practice Permit.

The Local Anaesthesia Certificate must be displayed for public viewing alongside the Regulated member’s Practice Permit, in the workplace where the member carries out the practice of dental hygiene.

  1. Equipment and Emergency Medications

2.1.     All offices in which local anaesthetic is administered must comply with the following record keeping and equipment standards:

2.1.1. Dental records must contain an appropriate medical history and patient evaluation.

2.1.2. Dental records must contain a record of the injection including the local anaesthetic used, the vasoconstrictor (if any), the injection(s) given, the volume of the solution, and any adverse reactions.

2.2.     Office facilities and equipment shall include:

2.2.1. An established office emergency protocol and an emergency kit;

2.2.2. Suction equipment capable of aspirating gastric contents from the mouth and pharynx;

2.2.3. A portable oxygen delivery system including full face masks and bag-valve mask combination with appropriate connectors capable of delivering positive pressure, oxygen-enriched ventilation to the patient; and

2.2.4. A blood pressure cuff (sphygmomanometer) of appropriate size and stethoscope, or equivalent monitoring devices.