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Annual Renewal is now open for the 2023 - 2024 Permit Year.

Registrants who do not have a complete and approved Renewal application by 11:59 pm MT on October 31 will have their permit suspended and they will not be able to practice dental hygiene. Practicing dental hygiene in Alberta without a valid practice permit is considered unprofessional conduct and may result in misconduct fines.

It's important to ensure all of your information is up-to-date and your required documents are ready before beginning your Renewal application. Login to the Registrant Portal and complete the following steps:

  • Update your contact information.
  • Update your employment, education, and professional registration information.
  • Ensure your Practice Hours for previous years (prior to 2022 - 2023) within your current reporting period are correct.
  • Enter your most recent CPR certificate.
  • Enter Continuing Competence activities.

Submit your Complete Renewal Application by October 31, 2023.

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Click the image to read the Renewal How-To Guide.

Renewal How-To Guide and FAQs

Once you have reviewed and updated your information, you can begin your Renewal application.

The Renewal How-To Guide contains step-by-step instructions for registrants who are:

  • currently on the General Register and renewing on the General Register
  • currently on the General Register but switching to the Non-Practicing
  • currently on the Non-Practicing Register and renewing on the Non-Practicing Register

If you are currently on the Non-Practicing Register but want to transfer to the General Register, please contact the College.

For answers to commonly asked questions about Renewal, visit the Renewal FAQ page.

Getting Ready for Renewal

Ensure you have all of your information updated and your required documents ready before you begin your Renewal application. If you're unsure where to start or what you need, click on the links below for information.

If you're currently on the General Register and are staying on the General Register

General Registration Renewal Checklist 

Code of Ethics

CPR Policy

Fee Schedule

Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Standards of Practice 

If you are currently on the Non-Practicing Register and are renewing on the Non-Practicing Register, or if you are  on the General Register and are switching to the Non-Practicing Register

Non-Practicing Renewal Checklist

Changes to Non-Practicing Register

ACDH Transfer Application Package

If you're having difficulties with the system or want to prevent common issues before you get started, click here for trouble-shooting tips: Portal Tips

Non-Practicing Register Update

Based on a careful review of the changes to the Health Professions Act as a result of Bill 46, the ACDH Council determined that the Non-Practicing Register does not make a clear contribution to public protection, nor does it provide advantages for members who transfer from the Non-Practicing Register to the General Register compared to members who cancel their registration and subsequently reinstate on the General Register.

Therefore, effective November 1, 2024, the College will no longer have a Non-Practicing Register. 

If you are on the Non-Practicing Register or if you're on the General Register but considering taking a break or ceasing from practicing dental hygiene in Alberta, click the button below for information about what this change means for you.

Non-Practicing Register