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Courtesy Registration

Courtesy Registration

The College has transitioned our paper-based initial application process to an online application process as of June 1, 2023. All initial applications for courtesy registration must be submitted through the online application process. As of June 16, 2023, paper-based applications are no longer accepted by the College and will be returned to the applicant.

Courtesy Registration


In order to be eligible to apply for Courtesy Registration, applicants must:

  • hold a current certification, licensure, or registration in good standing to practice dental hygiene in another jurisdiction, and
  • be applying for temporary registration for the purposes of:
    • Presenting or participating in a dental hygiene clinical training or continuing education/refresher course that includes performance of clinical procedures,
    • Conducting or engaging in a dental hygiene research program that includes performance of clinical procedures, or
    • Providing dental hygiene services free of charge to a charitable, benevolent, or service organization in Alberta.

Click the button to download the application information for Courtesy Registrations. Please read the application information document carefully and in its entirety to ensure you have submitted all required documentation.

Courtesy Registration Application Information

Initial Registration Checklist

Courtesy Registrations expire 60 days after approval and are not renewable.

Advanced Restricted Activities

If you require authorization for any of the following Advanced Restricted Activities, you must complete and submit a separate application from your application for Courtesy Registration.

If you were previously on the Courtesy Register and had authorization to perform an Advanced Restricted Activity, your name would have been removed from the Roster(s) on the date your registration expired. You must reapply for authorization.

No applicant may perform an Advanced Restricted Activity until they have receive notification that the application for authorization has been approved by the ACDH.

Click the button for more information about Advanced Restricted Activities.

Advanced Restricted Activities

Verification of Registration

A current Verification of Registration form for every jurisdiction where you were previously or are currently a dental hygienist or any other regulated health professional is required for all Courtesy Registration applications.

You must hold active registration and be in good standing in another jurisdiction to be eligible to apply under this policy.


  • The Application Fee for all Courtesy Registration applications is $350.
  • The Practice Permit Fee for Courtesy Registration applications is $350.

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