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Legislated Committees

The Health Professions Act (HPA) stipulates a number of committees and positions that colleges must have.

Health Professions Act

Registration Committee

A registration committee reviews applications for registration and reinstatement.

Competence Committee

A competence committee makes recommendations to Council on continuing competence requirements and assessments of those requirements and is authorized by the Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation to conduct practice visits of regulated members.

Dental Hygienists Profession Regulations

Complaint Review Committee

The complaint review committee reviews the dismissal of a complaint under the professional conduct section when requested by a complainant and reviews and ratifies settlements under the alternative resolution section of the HPA.

Hearing Tribunal

Not a true committee, a hearing tribunal is established when a complaint of unprofessional conduct with respect to a member is referred for a hearing. The HPA stipulates the percentage of public members that must be on a hearing tribunal.